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If you are going to spending a long time on the road, you want the best gear you can get. ¬†And as I am a bit of a nerd, I have spent a lot of time researching every piece of gear I buy. I love scouring over other people’s gear lists, getting valuable insight and ideas along the way. One problem I have found is that many of the best travel gear also makes you look very painfully obvious like a traveler. Personally I don’t want to wear hiking boots, zip off pants/shorts, a big billowing button up shirt and a big shade hat when I’m walking through a big metro city or riding the subway. I want to wear normal clothes.

Since I’ve been traveling a while now, I have gotten a really good feel for what gear works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve bought a few things and ditched a few others along the way and overall am pretty happy with what I carry now.

So, without further ado, I present to you my packing list:

Travel Gear

Early on in my travel planning, I set a very lofty goal of only traveling with a carry-on sized bag for a year of travel. Scouring over the internet trying to find the perfect bag, I kept coming across this one. It fit the carry-on size for airlines and was rated very high. I bought the bag and used it on a 10 day trip to Greece last year and it was fantastic. It held plenty of stuff and fit on the plane just fine.

It can be carried like a cargo bag or a backpack and has plenty of compartments. I have used it almost exclusively as a backpack and it is quite comfortable. It doesn’t have the support of other hiking backpacks, but its adequate. The bag is very durable and I have been very satisfied with it.

I have had these for over two years and I love them! It completely changed the way I pack and travel. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of them. They hold all my clothes.

I am a bit disappointed with this packing cube, as it developed a small hole after less than a week. It does however hold all my cables and electronics. It is also very lightweight.

I have ended up using this pack much more than originally intended and it has held up remarkably well. It holds a good amount of weight and after months of daily use shows remarkably little signs of wear and tear. I do think I’ll replace it though as I use it every day to lug around my laptop.

Lots of compartments. It fits all my toiletries and medicines just fine. I can hang it from a hook and access all my stuff.

Since I recently bought a new laptop before beginning the trip, I decided to invest a bit of money on protect it. This new case from Thule is fantastic and fits the 13″ MacBook Pro Retina perfectly. I just open up the case and leave the laptop in when I’m working.


The shorts I brought are all considered “hybrid” shorts in that they look good as casual normal everyday shorts, but they also are very quick drying material and can be used for swimming without looking too out of place. They all work great and look good.

Great for lounging and working out (which I need to do more).

Many travelers are against bringing jeans along while traveling. They are heavy, take forever to dry, and just aren’t worth the hassle. I understand that, but I disagree. I love a good pair of jeans and think they look great. Plus I won’t look like a completely obvious traveler who wears the nerdy zip-off pants/shorts things. I feel much more comfortable wearing a nice pair of good fitting jeans.

So far these pants have been extremely durable and the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They fit great and look good for any occasion. They are also lightweight and are comfortable even on hot days.

Uniqlo makes good quality clothes and their shirts are durable and fast drying. Plus they fit pretty well and look nice. The price is also great! I have three t-shirts and two button up shirts.

The smartwool socks are great and can be worn multiple days in a row without smelling bad. They are very durable and I’m very glad I picked these up.

Both are very good and can be worn multiple days while still smelling so fresh and so clean. Many people really recommend the ExOfficio pair as the best pair of underwear in the world (If you don’t believe me, click the link above and go read the comments section!). I love both brands, but personally give a slight edge to the Airisms as my favorite as they are bit more comfortable.

My jacket I’ve brought hiking and backpacking for years. It has come in handy many times while traveling through countries in the rainy season. Always keeps me nice and dry.

Since we aren’t spending a lot of time in cold climates, I didn’t want a lot of warm clothes taking up room in my bag, so I found this reversible sweater. It folds up nice and looks great.

I’m glad I picked up a comfortable pair, because throughout Southeast Asia I rarely wore anything else and I walked all the time. With that much time on my feet, I’m glad I found a comfortable supportive pair.

I was hoping to find a shoe that worked ok as both a shoe to work out in and a shoe to wear out for a night on the town. This was about as close as I could find and they have worked great for both. I don’t go anywhere that requires dressy shoes, so a clean pair of black shoes hasn’t gotten me any trouble. They have been great for running and light hiking too.


I debated for a while on whether or not to actually bring a laptop with me, but since I am on the road for many months, I thought it would be very handy to have. Plus, with all the photo organization, video editing, app development work, and researching and planning, having a full size laptop and keyboard is absolutely worth it to me.

I went with the Macbook because I do some development work for iPhone and you need a Mac to do so. I also do all my video editing in Final Cut Pro X, which is Mac only. I’ve read many other people prefer to travel with lightweight tablets or ultra books, but this is what works best for me.

Since we travel to many exotic locations, I want to get video from places where it’s not as safe to bring my nicer camera. Since GoPro is the industry standard for adventure videos, it was a pretty obvious choice.

My phone from back home. A few years old now, but it still takes great quick videos and photos, plus all the apps keep me informed and sane.

Great compact camera with interchangeable lenses. This camera really provides a high quality image in a small camera. It also includes a pancake lens to keep the whole setup nice and portable. I use it mainly for taking video of scenic locations.

With all the travel and down time you have on a longer trip, there’s always time to get lost in a good book. The Kindle is super lightweight and has great battery life.

Great to have with me on longer train trips. This one is big enough to charge my phone 5 or more times before dying. Since it has 2 USB slots, I can also use it to charge my camera, GoPro, Kindle, etc.

Great to have with me on longer train trips. This one is big enough to charge my phone 5 or more times before dying. Since it has 2 USB slots, I can also use it to charge my camera, GoPro, Kindle, etc.

I also carry a number of smaller items that I haven’t included in this list, such as various cables, chargers, toiletries, etc.

All of these items can be packed down and fit into the eBags backpack, which can be carried onto an airplane. Keeping my number of items small has really allowed me to stay portable and keep my bag fairly lightweight.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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