About Us

Hi! We are Nick and Amy, two likeminded people with very different personalities, but share the same dreams of escaping corporate life and spending some time abroad.  While Nick is more reserved, laid back, and patient, Amy is more outgoing, vocal, and direct.  We met in NYC in the fall of 2013 through playing dodgeball (well, 1 hour of weekly dodgeball followed by countless hours of beer pong) and started dating shortly after we met.  We share the same love for football and fantasy football, craft beers, and aimlessly wandering around the different neighborhoods of NYC.  While we both loved our jobs, we realized that we both wanted to ditch the corporate life and travel as much as we can.  We started taking weekend trips to test how well we travel together and if we can stand each other for an extended period of time.  And after almost 2 years of dating, in July 2015 we gave up our NYC apartments, put all our belongings into storage, said good-bye to corporate America, and took off on an one-way flight across the Pacific.  We built this site to document our journey and offer any knowledge or advice we can along the way.

Who We Are


I was born and raised in Nebraska and didn’t do a whole lot of traveling growing up. I always had dreams of getting out and exploring more around the world, but never really got the chance. So finally in college I had the opportunity to do a study abroad program to Norway for a semester. That Fall of 2004 changed my life. Ever since setting foot on that first plane, I learned that there is so much more out in the world than just my little bubble in the Midwest. The next year I went to Australia for a semester abroad and I was completely hooked.

My goal since then has always been to make the most of my time and explore the world as much as possible. After getting a job and working as a software developer in Omaha for a few years, I decided to make a change and moved to New York. Here I met Amy, and our plan to travel the world together ramped up into action.


Hello! I grew up in Northern California and moved to San Francisco after college to start my career.  Three years later, I packed my bags and moved to New York City and traded in the “chill” West Coast lifestyle for the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.  While I love NYC and everything the crazy city has to offer, something was still missing in my life.

During college, I spend a year studying abroad in Beijing and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Ever since I’ve always dreamed about living aboard again and I knew I could never be content until I made this happen.  After 2.5 years of living in NYC, I decided to pack up my bags once again to hop on a one way flight across the Pacific.  This time, I’m trading in city life for the simple life on the road of having no agenda.